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What is NU Skin?

You can feel confident knowing our products are backed by 40 years of anti-aging science, a rigorous quality process, proprietary product formulations, IoT technology, and clinically proven results. We continue to raise the bar
in innovation to help Discover the Best You® in every way, every day.

Skin Types: 

  • NORMAL skin is often classified by no or minimal imperfections and without severe sensitivities. Although you don’t have any pressing skin care concerns, it is still important to care for your skin with a proper routine. The best way to care for normal skin is to use gentle products designed to keep the skin functioning normally and to protect it from signs of ageing and irritation.

Nu Skin Recommends For Normal Skin:

• Creamy Cleansing Lotion

• pH Balance Toner

• Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid

• Moisture Restore Day Protective Lotion

• Night Supply Nourishing Cream

  • DRY skin often manifests as dull, rough patches on the body and can be extremely uncomfortable. When exposed to drying factors, skin can crack, peel or become itchy. In addition to environmental causes, other common causes of dry skin are improper treatment of the skin, excessive scrubbing, hot water and harsh cleaners. To properly soothe and hydrate your skin, choose products that do not contain harsh ingredients.

Nu Skin Recommends For Dry Skin:

• Products listed above for Normal Skin

• Creamy Hydrating Masque™

• Moisture Restore Intense Moisturizer

  • COMBINATION skin can appear dry or normal in some areas and oily in others. This skin type is often characterised by enlarged pores, blackheads and shiny skin. Choose products that address these concerns, combating irritation and inflammation.

Nu Skin Recommends For Combination Skin:

• Pure Cleansing Gel

• pH Balance Mattefying Toner

• Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid

• Moisture Restore Day Protective Mattefying Lotion

• Nightly Supply Nourishing Cream

  • OILY skin can produce enlarged pores; a shiny complexion; as well as blackheads, pimples or blemishes. Avoid products containing ingredients that add to the oil content of your skin. Choose gel-or-foam based cleansers as well as moisturisers that do not contain oil.

Nu Skin Recommends For Oily Skin:

• Products listed above for Combination Skin

• Clay Pack Deep Cleansing Masque

• NaPCA Moisturizer

Glow the Bronzing Studio is apart of the NU Skin Team!

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