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Glow UV Tanning 

ULTRAVIOLET (UV): Rays are broken into UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. Salon equipment filters out the UVC rays, leaving only UVA and UVB rays. The UVA ray is often called the browning ray and the UVB is often referred to as the burning ray. You need a combination of both rays to achieve a tan. We provide various UVA/UVB levels to optimize your tanning potential. Contact Glow to receive more information about this process.

Shimmer Bed

The 20 min Shimmer super bed unit has comparible UVA/UVB rays. 

Shine Bed

The Shine 15 min bronzing bed unit has a higher level of UVA and features 3 high pressure facials.

Radiance Bed

Our Radiance 10 min bed has the highest level of UVA output, with high pressure facials, making this the best bronzing unit in the salon. 

Stand Up Radiance Bed

Our 10 min Radiance bed provides amazing results after just one use. 

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