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Teeth Whitening:

        Teeth Whitening Services In Salon:

  • Appointment in Salon: $119

  •   Client books appointment in salon or over the phone

(Includes appointment for 20 minute teeth whitening system application and complementary Foam Bright)


Process in Salon:

  Pre-teeth assessment- color

 Complete client  and consent form

Teeth swabbed

Vit. E application to protect gums and lips

Loaded trays inserted in client’s mouth

20 minute setting time

   At this time the customer is given earphones to listen to music, and eye protection.

After session client’s teeth will be scrubbed and reassessment of teeth color.

(Scroll down to see customers before and after pictures)


General information:

  •  Bleach Bright uses a blended whitening gel that is formulated to not cause sensitivity.  

  • The whitening process usually last approximately 6 months, home maintenance is recommended

  • BB only whitens natural teeth.

  • Although BB is formulated to not cause sensitivity, there may be some tingling sensation- we do offer an additional additive that will help further reduce the chance of sensitivity (blue minerals- cost: $15 add on).

  • It is recommended to avoid coffee, tea, dark colored sodas, red wine, berries red sauce, beets, anything that may stain the teeth.  The application of Blue Minerals will provide a barrier between tooth stain.



Additional Retail Products for Purchase in Salon for at Home Use:

  • Blue Minerals Remineralizing Gel: $15.00

(Applied by tech after BB session)


  •  UV BB starter Kit. Cost: $35

(Able to be used in tanning bed during session or at home w/ BB LED light)


  •  IBright Smartphone Whitening System Cost: $99

(Connect your smartphone to LED light and fill your trays w/ teeth whitening formula

Lasts for about 9 applications)


  • Home Whitening System. Cost: $35

(Mold your tray and apply teeth whitening to your formed tray.

Last about 20 applications)


  • Whitening Gel Refill Cost: 30

(Teeth whitening formula can be used to refill any of your current kits)


  • Night Bright cost: $30

(Basically the same as the tanning system but without the teeth tray

30 applications (for best results, each session should include 3 applications)


  • Complete Kit Cost: $70


night bright kit (see above)

Foam Bright ( replaces tooth paste)

Star Bright (on the go whitening- strengthens enamel and blocks stains)


In Salon Results

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