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Tanning Packages & Pricing Details:

We offer a wide variety of packages for both members and non members alike. No membership or enrollment fee is required for any client; the membership is only for an annual EFT package. 

A few membership benefits are: Discounts of 25% or more off lotions on day 1 of membership sign up signing up, yearly members receive 25% off lotions for the length they remain active, a free gift every month (free upgrades, lotion samples, $5 vouchers, larger lotion discounts, etc) yearly memberships require a 3 month commitment ONLY and a $25 enrollment fee. See the chart below for pricing. 

Airbrush EFT: $30 enrollment fee covers first airbrush, then $35 per month which includes 1 airbrush - reduced rate of  $29 for each additional airbrush (cancel anytime).

No enrollment fee for non members! Below is our tanning bed prices & other services we offer:
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