Keep your squats low and your standards high! Stop the hustle for those hard-to-tan areas and knock them dead with smooth, sexy legs. The dark glow of Stunner® has remained the same, but with an all new look for this favorite DHA Leg Bronzer! Complete with Caffeine to help tighten and Shave Minimizers that work to slow down hair growth, your legs will be ready whether you're killing it at the gym or working it poolside. It's time to set your bronzing goals, and crush 'em... leg day has never been easier!

  • Instant Bronzers + DHA allow for short and long term color, for perfect, rich results that will last
  • Beeswax and other Shave Minimizers help decrease the appearance of hair and slow its growth
  • Caffeine helps to tone and reduce the properties of cellulite

         Fragrance: Blackberry Amber

Designer Skin Stunner